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MC Xpress Turbos

MC Xpress Turbos is your authorized North American distributor for MC Xpress i Altersbruk AB of Sweden.  We have been distributing and retailing MC Xpress turbo kits and parts since 2002.  See our extensive list of dealers or contact us for all your turbo needs!



MC Xpress specializes in developing, manufacturing, and selling turbo kits for snowmobiles, ATV / UTV vehicles, motorcycles and watercraft. Our customers are those who have the highest demands for performance, reliability and driving pleasure. Our slogan is “Supreme of the extreme.”  We are considered the world leader in our field.  Most of the parts included in our turbo kits we manufacture ourselves.  Our turbo kits have been manufactured in Sweden since 1980, and now dominate the snowmobile turbo market.


The Power To Perform

Get more power, more speed, climb higher – get more from your machine with your MC Xpress Turbo. The kits are produced in Sweden and distributed throughout North America by MC Xpress Turbos. The snowmobile kits have been in development since the beginning of 2002 and come with everything you need to install the turbo system. These turbo kits have transformed a somewhat tame 4-stroke into a 500 hp competition killer !


Turbo Kits Enter the Market

MC XPRESS had been waiting a long time for the snowmobile manufacturers to build 4 stroke engines (approx 10 years). In 2002, Arctic Cat introduced their 3 cylinder 4 stroke 660 cc snowmobile engine. This engine really needed a turbo, because it only produced 44 hp stock. With the MC XPRESS turbo kit, it made 80 reliable hp at a cheap cost. The turbo kit became a success. In 2003 Yamaha showed their technically advanced 4 cylinder 1000 cc four stroke 140 hp engine in their RX1. This was exactly the opportunity that we had been waiting for!

We started the development work as soon as we got a sled to work with. The location of the turbo was not obvious. The first season we made a front mount turbo. The front mount turbo kit became popular. The power was set to 200 hp. But after one season we could look back and just admit that neither we nor our customers were completely satisfied. That’s why we changed to rear mount the next season. The result was better than expected.

The performance and reliability became very high, and this reputation has made our business grow. MC Xpress is now the largest aftermarket turbo kit manufacturer of this kind of recreational vehicles anywhere in the world. The large quantities we build has helped us to keep competitive prices even when the kits we make are more technical advanced and have a better reputation than many other aftermarket manufacturers. Today, MC Xpress is the largest manufacturer of aftermarket turbo kits for snowmobiles in the world.


MC XPRESS Corporate Policy

“Supreme of the extreme” means performance that is literally outstanding!

Our tuning of motorcycles and snowmobiles for world records, over and over again, year after year, is a demanding task that requires full concentration and dedication.  So far more than 20 different world records – and there are more to come!

Our business idea is to provide the most demanding and skilled rider of a snowmobile and motorcycle with a turbo kit that correspond to the highest requirements of performance, reliability and the joy of riding.

We take pride in adding performance with elegance that is supreme of the extreme!  Only the sticker on the hood tells you what is inside.

The craftsmanship of our parts shall harmonize with the OEM parts.  Most parts are made of aluminum or stainless steel and are machined by our CNC-machines to get the perfect fit and a nice look.  We improve design and finish continuously.

Our customers shall be proud when they show their investment to their friends!


Turbo Kit Policy

When we design a new turbo kit, it must be a vehicle that we like to drive our selves.  If we are to be 100% dedicated, it must be fun to work on.  The testing is of course more interesting if it’s our favorite snowmobile that has to be ridden.

As much as possible shall be left stock on the motorcycle, snowmobile and side by side.  The manufacturers are really good at what they do.  It is not easy to make parts as reliable and nice as they do.  We try to keep all outside fairings stock.  It is important to keep the route of the wire harness and oil, fuel and air hoses stock.  Many turbo related problems are caused by wires and hoses that are routed in an improper way.  The performance has to be outstanding.

We would rather spend more time and money with development rather than sell something that maybe could be made better.  When the turbo kit is installed, everything shall work at once.  Our customer shall feel that they are buying a complete well tested kit without a lot of adjustment required.  The turbo kit, engine and drive train have to be very reliable.  The customer shall be able to use the vehicle the same way as before it was turbocharged.  After several years of use, our customer will be even more satisfied with the investment.  At the same time, we save a lot of time, when we don’t have to help hundreds of people with different turbo related problems..

The craftsmanship of the parts included with the kit shall be as nice as the stock manufacturers parts.  We try to improve the look and finish all the time.  Most of the parts are made in aluminum or stainless.  More and more parts are made by our own CNC-machines to get perfect fit and nice look.  Our customers shall be proud when they show their investment to their friends.

1. The vehicles original functionality and reliability shall remain:
The customer shall be able to use the vehicle also the same way as before it was turbocharged and with ordinary pump gas. That means that before developing a new turbo kit, we have to select the vehicle with thorough attention to quality. The turbo kit, engine and drive train have to be of high quality and very reliable. After several years of use, our customer shall be even more satisfied with the investment. If the turbo kit, for some reason will be removed, the vehicle is without further action restored to its former condition. We spend extra time and money with development and testing to assure that everything shall work at once after the turbo kit is installed. Our customer shall feel that they buy a complete and well tested kit without a lot of adjustment required. We all save a lot of time, costs and disappointments. Our customers want to enjoy the riding – and if we aren’t customer driven, our turbo kits won’t be either!

2.  For racing only:
– Turbo kits are suitable only for organized competitive racing at controlled events where race organizers provide all appropriate racing safety measures including fire suppression and first aid services.
– Turbo kits are only suitable for expert riders.
– Turbo kits substantially increase the speed, horse power and torque of the recreational vehicle and can result in injury or death to the rider, any passengers or bystanders.
– MC Xpress, its distributors and retailers strongly recommend that passengers not be permitted to ride on a recreational vehicle with an installed turbo kit because it is difficult for passengers to hang on and more difficult for the rider to control the recreational vehicle.
– Turbo kits are distributed by distributors and sold by retailers to the customer without any liability or responsibility on the part of the distributor, MC Xpress or the retailer to the customer for any injury, death or property damage incurred or suffered by the customer or to anyone riding on or using the recreational vehicle, and the customer acknowledges and agrees that MC Xpress, the distributor and the retailer provide no warranty whatsoever to the customer on the turbo unit and shall in no event be responsible for any loss or malfunction of or damage caused to the turbo kit, the engine it is installed on or the recreational vehicle of the customer as a result of the installation and or use of the turbo kit. The customer acknowledges that the turbo kit substantially increases the stress on any motor it is installed on and such stress may result in needed repairs or malfunction.