1200 4-TEC – Turbo Kits

We are proud to present our Ski-Doo 1200 4-TEC 3 cylinder 4 stroke turbo kit. Many people have been waiting on a competitive 4-stroke engine from the worlds biggest snowmobile manufacturer.

And many want to convert it to a reliable, fuel efficient and quiet muscle sled to compete and beat other high performance snowmobiles. The MCXPRESS turbo kit we now produce will make this possible.

2009 – 15

180 HP Kit
MSRP – $4699 CAD

The stock muffler is used. The noise level is lower than on a stock machine. It feels strange to drive a vehicle this strong and so quiet when you hit the throttle. The fuel is controlled by our IIC box. This box was developed for the Nytro 180 turbo kit and has been used for one season now. It controls the stock injectors. At 180 hp, the injectors stay open to about 95-97%. Because of this, we don’t recommend any higher power. If higher pressure/power is set, the air fuel ratio will be lean. This IIC box also controls the power of the engine.


240 HP Kit
MSRP – $6899 CAD

The power with turbo will be set to about 240 hp. The compression will be lowered to maintain reliability with a thicker head gasket. Pump gas must be used. We will use our own EFI-system with 3 extra injectors in the new aluminum plenum. The stock EFI-system will be left untouched and the external MCX EFI-system will start to deliver fuel so the air fuel ratio will stay perfect when the turbo produces pressure. A sensor in the EFI-box feels the outside pressure and compensates the fuel curve for any altitude. It also compensates the turbo pressure to maintain the absolute pressure in the intake channel. Thanks to this the power will be the same at any altitude up to at least 3000 meters. This is a great benefit with turbo applications.


2016 – 18

190 HP KIT
MSRP – $4699 CAD

250 HP KIT
MSRP – $6899 CAD