We have never spent so much time with development of a turbo kit as we have done with the new Yamaha Apex. We wanted to be really sure we can offer the best turbo kit possible. First of all, we wanted to try something that nobody had done before. We placed the turbo just behind the exhaust outlet. With a very compact exhaust header, this was possible.

We tested several different header designs trying to get better performance, and after weeks of testing, we installed the rear mount prototype kit that we also made for the Apex. Now the performance arrived as we expected! We installed a 0,2 mm thicker gasket than last year, allowing a little higher turbo pressure. This gives 290 hp tested in our ASB certified Super flow dyno.

2006 – 10

290 HP Mid Mount
MSRP – $7,899 CAD   (Special Order Only)

When the Nytro entered the market 2008, we were very satisfied with the turbo kit. Just after we introduced the new Nytro turbo kit, we did some tests with the Apex and built a mid mount version. It worked very good. We decided to offer this kit for the 2009/10 season. The benefits with this new version is the lower noise level and the quicker response. The seat must be modified from under and some cutting in the chassis is required.


290 HP Rear Mount
MSRP – $7,899 CAD   (Special Order Only)

We use the stock fuel injection system after the turbo installation. But we also use our own MCX external fuel injection system. 4 extra injectors are installed in the plenum. When you start up the engine and drive just slowly without turbo pressure, fuel is delivered only through the stock injectors. When turbo pressure arrives, fuel starts to come in exact amount for each rpm and load through the external injectors controlled by the external EFI-box.