We have developed, built and tested the new Nytro FX turbo kit, and we are very satisfied with the results. The Sled itself is easy to work with. The turbo kit is easier to fit and will probably take less time to install than any other of our previous Yamaha Snowmobile MC Xpress Turbo Kits.

The power is over 240 hp at 0, 95 bar turbo pressure.The turbo starts to boost very early on the Nytro FX turbo. Compared to the RS turbo, it is a big difference. At 5000 rpm the turbo has more power than the maximum power on the stock prototype Nytro.  Also, 270 hp kits are now available, or you can update your 240 hp kit.

2008 – 14

190 HP Kit
MSRP – $4,699 CAD   (special order only)

Many people want some more power from their Nytro, but don’t need 240 or 270 hp. This kit is perfect for them. The Nytro with this performance is very reliable and the power is set to 190 hp at the boost 40 kPa (6psi) at sea level. The compression is left stock which means the installation will be quicker. The response is very fast. We use the same fantastic Mitsubishi 16 T turbo to this kit as to our 240 hp kit. We have tried some other turbos, mostly smaller and cheaper ones, but this unit seems to be unbeatable when it comes to performance response, and reliability. And we know our customers appreciate this.


240 HP KIT

The best kit ever built! Yamaha has released its latest creation Nytro and of course MCX is developing a turbo kit! The dyno test showed 240 horsepower. After one season, we can certify that both the snowmobile and the turbo kit works excellent. We have sold several hundred of turbo kits with extreme reliability.

270 HP KIT

A new blowoff valve is installed on the plenum and the location of the EFI-box is changed. The turbo is placed in the best position possible. The straight tubes out of the engine will keep the energy of the exhaust pulses. Yamaha’s perfect matched 3 – 1 extractor header pipe, and just after that the exhaust enters the turbine housing of the turbo. A pre-cooler for the hot compressed air is placed on the left side inside the tunnel to cool down the temperature and make the air-density higher. This makes better reliability of the engine and higher power at the same time.