This light sled is very nice to drive, but to make it more fun, you can almost double the power with our turbo kit. After one season we now know that the engine is very reliable. The turbo kit has been upgraded to be able to handle driving in deep snow for long periods without any hesitation from the engine.

The handling of this light machine is excellent! We put the sled on a scale and the weight was less than all of us thought. The new Phazer engine is very high tech inside. The weight of the engine is also very low. The compression ratio must be lowered when installing the turbo to avoid detonation.

2007 – 18

115 HP Kit
MSRP – $4599 CAD   (Special Order Only)

140 HP Kit
MSRP – $5099 CAD   (Special Order Only)

We started to determine what model and size of turbo that was suitable. We made temporary exhaust pipes to make the switch between different turbos to go faster. If the turbo (or a badly designed exhaust header) creates too much backpressure the engine will not only produce less power. The engine will start to detonate much sooner and this may cause an engine failure.

Fortunately we finally managed to find a perfect sized turbocharger from our favorite manufacturer Mitsubishi. Our goal was 100 kW (=136 hp) and we reached this power at 0,8 bar (12psi). The best turbo we found is small and reacts very fast. It starts to boost at low rpm but it still doesn’t create lots of backpressure in the exhaust manifold.

The turbo and muffler is located under the seat. The weight is about the same as the stock muffler. We made some tests with higher pressure and power, but we think a suitable level will be a turbo pressure at about 0,8 bar (12PSI). This will give just over 100 kW (= about 140 hp).